We are known for our efficient logistics management in third world environments.

CanAf Logistics specializes in providing a broad range of logistics project management services to assist global companies to streamline their transportation, reduce cost and risk and improve productivity and profitability. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to understand obstacles to efficient cross‐border transactions in high risk nations in Africa, South America and the developing world.

Strengthen your logistics supply chain

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link; a single failure at any point cascades through your business, resulting in wasted time, expensive penalties, product losses, unexpected costs, ever‐increasing risk and – most importantly ‐ an angry customer who has not received his goods. CanAf Logistics designs, plans, implements, controls and monitors logistics activities for our clients.We ensure systematic, strategic coordination and streamlining of the incoming and outgoing flow of materials and final goods.

Your Global partner

Through co‐ordination and collaboration with channel partners ‐ suppliers, distributors, brokers, government and transit authorities, intermediaries and customers ‐ we integrate supply and demand management within and across companies on a global scale. We leverage our global network and extensive region‐specific experience to add value for our clients through traceability, efficiency, access to information and cost‐effectiveness. Please email us for further information

Focus on your core business

We free our clients to focus on their core business by removing risk, costs and time constraints that are a consequence of working in difficult or remote locations.